Probate and Fiduciary Representation

Probate is the process of transferring property to heirs and administering the debts of a person who has died. Unlike probate in many other states, Texas probate does not need to be complicated, lengthy or expensive.

 The probate process is designed to assist heirs and beneficiaries to obtain clear ownership to property given to them and to protect the estate from false claims. 

Our approach to this very difficult time in life when settling the estate of a loved one is to have empathy for those going through the process. We want this process to feel uncomplicated, with as little stress as possible and understanding that what seems simple to lawyers and the legal system can feel very threatening to real people.

Some of the Probate and Fiduciary services we provide our clients are:

  • Independent Administration
  • Dependent Administration
  • Estate Transfers without Probate
  • Post Death Tax Planning
  • Federal Estate Tax Compliance
  • State Inheritance Tax Compliance
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Surviving Spouse Planning
  • Personal and Real Property Planning