Tax Planning

With major changes in tax law which continue to be unending, it is important to recognize when tax planning strategies and tactics need to be reviewed. Revisions to family estate planning and business planning should be rethought and changes and new strategies be executed. It is very important to fully understand these changes so that families and businesses can explore new options. We provide an analysis of new legislation as it applies to each client with an eye toward implementing new strategies and avoiding potential pitfalls. With family or business planning documents, we look at what needs to be reviewed and revised and what the client needs to do or undo in an ever-changing economy.

Some of the services we provide our clients are as follows:

  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Trust Tax Planning
  • Probate Tax Planning
  • Business Tax Planning
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Charitable Tax Planning
  • Intergenerational Tax Planning
  • Non Us Citizen Tax Planning